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Heavy Work Load

Flex Connex Sweet Medium is an insole designed to enhance the overall fit. Flex Tech Arch orthotic aids in stabilizing the foot, alleviating pressure on the feet, ankles, knees, and lower back, thus minimizing strain. Experience exceptional comfort that invigorates you throughout the day, effectively reducing muscle fatigue in your feet and legs, enabling you to stay on your feet for extended periods.

Fixes plantar fasciitis 0
Discomfort in the lower legs or knees 0
Foot and ankle pain 0

Medium/Normal Arch

Medium arch orthotic support helps stabilize the foot, reducing stress on feet, ankles, knees and back. Medium arches supports can help heal and alleviate foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis by providing proper arch support and reducing strain on the foot's ligaments. By offering cushioning and stability, medium arches supports help distribute pressure evenly across the foot, promoting healing and relieving pain caused by common foot ailments.