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Low Profile

Easy Beginnings

Flex Connex insoles offer the ideal combination of comfort and support to promote foot health. These insoles are designed to enhance stability, provide exceptional metatarsal support, and deliver top-notch shock absorption and cushioning, making them the perfect choice for extended periods of walking.

Excessive inward rolling of the foot 0
Discomfort in the lower legs or knees 0
Foot and ankle pain 0

Sweet Feet Low Pro

Come with built-in support for low arches and have two layers of super soft cushioning. These insoles are all about finding that sweet spot between comfort and support. The SweetFeet Low insoles from Flex Connex are extra special because they have a unique arch shape that provides a cozy, supportive embrace for your arch and heel. They work wonders by giving you stability and controlling your movement, which means less strain and pressure on your precious feet, ankles, joints, and tendons.